The Space

Little Big Studio was made with comfort in mind, we want you to feel at home.  Many hours are spent in the studio, those hours should be comfortable.  It consists of 4 rooms that work together utilizing all parts of the space.  A front writing room/editing suite, which doubles as hang out central.  A large control room that can accommodate many listeners on comfy couches.  A perfect size live room, large enough to make drum tracking legitimate.  An iso booth for those intimate vocal takes, or booming bass guitar sessions.  All rooms are tie-lined together, a microphone sometimes even finds itself in the bathroom now and then.    


The studio's main DAW is Pro Tools 12, with too many plugins to list. Some staples being Waves Platinum, Slate Everything Collection, as well as an ever increasing collection of UAD Plugs.  The studio also supports Logic Pro X, and Final Cut Pro.


The Guts

The studio is centered around Solid State Logic's "SIGMA" Remote Controlled Analogue Summing.  Utilizing SSL's Super Analogue technology that also is in the larger Duality.  Owner Aaron Johnson has always preferred SSL when it came to mix down, from owning his own SSL E for many years to mixing on SSL G, J, and K consoles all over the world, SSL has stood the test of time.  The SIGMA continues the legacy.  It is all controlled by the Solid State Logic NUCLEUS controller to complete the hybrid SSL setup.

The front and back

API and Neve preamps make up the front end of the studio, because what else would you really want?!  We also have a diverse mic collection including high end large and small capsule tube and FET condensers, Coles and Royer ribbon's, as well as staple dynamic mics.